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The 3 Grand Entries are the spectacular highlight of the Canadian Aboriginal Festival. The entire family will enjoy the visually stunning display as nearly 1000 native dancers and drum singing groups from across North America join together.

Each of the Pow Wow ceremonies begins with the Grand Entry, when all dancers enter the Dance Circle for the first time. The pageantry and drama of the Grand Entry make it one of the most beautiful traditional Aboriginal ceremonies and a must see for anyone interested in native culture and customs.

For those not familiar with Pow Wows, it is one of the oldest, most important and colourful Aboriginal ceremonies.

Pow Wows traditionally have been dedicated to warriors and a way of giving thanks to the Creator for all that Mother Earth provides for Her people. In short a "Thanksgiving" ceremony.

The Pow Wow is the center piece of the Canadian Aboriginal Festival with visitors from all parts of Canada and around the world gathered to witness this most beautiful traditional ceremony.

All peoples of all races and creeds are invited. In fact you do us honour by attending this great offering to the Creator.

2011 Pow Wow Competition Information

Pow Wow Dancer Registration Forms

Attention Dancers: Please find below the male and female dancer registration forms to download and fill in and bring with them to registration on Saturday, Nov. 19th to quicken the process.

Registration is Saturday, Nov. 19th, 2011 from 9 am to 2 pm. Entrance to the Better Living Centre for all Dancers and Drummers is the east side of the building at the loading dock and door. The registration fee is $10.00 per person.

Also, see attached the Dancers and Drummers Competition Rules to download for your review.

Download Registration Forms

ATTENTION 2010 Pow Wow Winners

Click here for a message from Festival Coordinator, Catherine Cornelius regarding 2010 Pow Wow Winners Prize Payments

Open Drum Competition Schedule

Saturday, November 19th

1:00 pm: Pow Wow Grand Entry
7:00 pm: Pow Wow Grand Entry

Sunday, November 20th

12:00 pm (noon): Pow Wow Grandy Entry
4:30 pm Awarding of Prize Money

Pow Wow Dancers Registration

$10.00 per dancer
Saturday, Nov. 19th at Better Living Centre
East side entrance of building

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