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Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards (CAMA)

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Canadian Aboriginal Festival Events & Activities

General Overview

Economic Conference

Education Day

Fashion Show

Lacrosse Skills Competition

Performing Arts

Pow Wow

Traditional Teachings

Visual Arts


Other Events

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Canadian Aboriginal Festival Multimedia Presentations

2003 Multimedia

2002 Multimedia

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Press Releases

2010 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards

2010 Canadian AboriginalFestival

2009 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards

2009 Canadian Aboriginal Festival

2008 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards

2007 Music Awards (PDF format)

2007 Festival Events (PDF format)

2006 Music Awards (PDF format)

2006 Festival Events (PDF format)

2005 Music Awards (PDF format)

2005 Festival Events (PDF format)

2004 (PDF format)

2003 (PDF format)

2003 (MS Word Documents)

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