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2010 Pow Wow Winners Prize Payments

GREETINGS 2010 Festival Pow Wow Winners!

My apologies for the delay in providing update with our Revenue Canada payment. The payment process is still underway and at this time we will not expect it prior to the Festival Pow Wow.

Our alternate plan is as follows:

We will pay a portion of cash payments to all 2010 winners that attend this year's pow wow from the gate cash sales. On Saturday evening, Nov. 19th at 9 pm, those dancers wishing to receive a portion of the payout please meet myself and staff assistants at the east end of the Better Living Centre in an orderly fashion.

We have last year's 2010 Prize Winner list and the amounts owing and will use this as a guide.

The remaining balance we anticipate to come from settlement of the ticket sales after Thursday, Nov. 24th. At that time we will inform all 2010 Winners on facebook of the next payment.

Also, for the 2010 Winners planning to attend, we will provide free registration for the dancers and drummers as another way to make up for the inconvenience of last year. Plus, for the immediate family of each of the 2010 winners will also be given free wristbands on arrival at the Pow Wow Registration area located at the east end loading door entrance during the Registration hours of Saturday, Nov. 19th from 9 am to 2 pm. Immediate family consists of wife, husband, daughter and son.

Please find below the Better Living Centre floor plan that shows the Registration Entrance for all dancers and drummers, changing rooms, Dance Circle and exhibitor booths.

We anticipate a good crowd over the weekend and please invite your family and friends to come, as well, in joining in a celebration of unity.

Thanks again for your patience and look forward to meeting with you soon.

Catherine Cornelius
Festival Coordinator

Better Living Centre Floor Plan (Pow Wow Registration Area)

Click image for a larger version:

Better Living Centre Floor Plan

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