3 Reasons Why You Should Consult a Locksmith When Installing a Master Key System

Masterkey systems can be confusing at first, but can be particularly effective when it comes to increasing security either at home or in the office anywhere in Singapore. With a master key system, one key getting lost doesn’t usually mean that the whole complex, whether residential or commercial, is compromised and prone to burglary.

However,in most cases, they are often primarily used for convenience. When someone loses their copy of the key to open a particular door (or accidentally locks themselves out), a locksmith services in Singapore need not be called to unlock door, or even unpick lock.

Another key, called the “master key”, can be used in an emergency to open the door and save people a lot of time. Rather than calling a locksmith orany skillful master to unlock house door in Singapore, an authorized person can simply take the master key to open the locked door. However, in times of emergency or loss of master key, there are still 24 hour lock experts which can provide you immediate assistance.

What is a Master Key System?

A master key system is essentially a set of keys assigned to specific doors, with certain keys being able to open two or more. For multiple people interacting on a daily basis, those who are authorized to access different doors within a system to each have just one key.

A master key system, along with a lock with a high resistance class, can help secure your home with the use of fewer locks and keys. This is because most keys within a master key system are only capable of opening one door, which not only keeps it simple, but also makes it possible in an office setting to know which person is capable of accessing certain areas in the workplace.

Why You Should Consult a Locksmith for a Master Key System

Here are a few reasons why you should consult a locksmith services agency when it comes to installing a master key system:

  1. They can be quite tricky to install or do yourself

While master key systems can save you a lot of time in terms of convenience, they can also be a little complicated to install. The door locks also need to be customized to make room for not just the master key, but also the key designated for that door lock alone.

You might also end up having to repair lock cylinders yourself. This not only is difficult for someone without the proper training and understanding of how locks work, but can also leave a potential security flaw waiting to be discovered.

  • They can be easily compromised

This increase in convenience can lead to a decrease insecurity if you’re not careful, as master key systems can often be easily picked. This security flaw could be used to unlock door cylinders and locks, and is a disaster waiting to happen.  

Fortunately, a reliable locksmith service in Singapore can help you get around this problem with their lock installation services, ranging from repair lock to unpick lock cylinders that may have jammed when picked.  

  • Master key systems have their limits

There are also places where master key systems can’t be installed. For instance, you will have to stick with just one key (or a working keyless central locking system) for your vehicle to unlock car door, and you will still have to hire a car locksmith to lock or unlock car door if the cylinder jams or if the lock no longer works properly. These Singapore auto locksmith professionals can also help you in case you need help to replicate vehicle key.

The safest way to implement a master key system either at home or in the office is by hiring a locksmith agency in order to do the lock installation. This way, not only will your master key system be safe, but you can also be assured of its effectiveness and quality.

Locksmith services can also offer additional lock installation to complement the existing master key system with locks that are of a higher resistance class, as well as a working security system. When together, all three can make your home or office highly secure.

What are Resistance Classes?

Resistance classes are used to classify the capacity of a lock or security system to resist attempts by burglars to tamper, manipulate, or even destroy. This is also known as a “tamper proof” lock, and may have different equivalents all over the world, especially in Singapore.

These resistance classes are categorized on levels 1 to 6, depending on the effort needed to manipulate or destroy a lock. For instance, a level one (or grade 1,in some categorization levels) might be the standard cheap lock you can easily buy, while a level 4 or higher could be more tamper-proof, and would thus be more expensive and difficult to install.

Providing Protection Against Burglars

Your security at home or office doesn’t just end with the doors. For instance,windows and skylights can also be a potential security breach just waiting to happen, and taking precautions to close them are necessary to keep your property secure.

It’s for this reason that simple precautions, such as locking doors and windows, or even asking your neighbors to keep an eye on your home when you’re away, can be considered quite effective.

Hiringa 24 hour locksmith service is another way to keep your locks updated and secure. In many instances where you have to replace a lock for any reason, a 24 hour locksmith service will be your best (and sometimes only) bet because of their convenience.

Locksmith services in Singapore are more than willing to add locks that have higher resistance classes. If needed, these 24 hour locksmith services are readily available at any time of day.