What to Consider When Finding a Florist for Your Dream Singapore Wedding

Flowers are an important aspect of your dream wedding in Singapore in order to create the vibe and atmosphere that you want to go for, and the right flowers and flower arrangements can help to create the memories that will make your special day memorable for you and your guests.

Even though the Internet provides a lot of options and arrangements for you to take inspiration from and guides for you to turn your flower ideas into reality, wedding flowers are simply too expensive and time-consuming for you to arrange into floral decor alone or even with a few friends.

Hiring a florist, then, is a great way to save both time and money – but how do you look for one? How do you find one that you can actually work with to bring out the best for your wedding?

What’s the main things to consider when hiring a wedding florist? There are a lot of details to consider when planning and arranging the wedding flowers that a wedding florist has to take care of, which is why you need to look at the details carefully before hiring a florist. Here are some of the things you need to consider when hiring a wedding florist in Singapore:

1. Versatility/Specialty

What kind of designs does this florist specialize in? Does he/she specialize in large, intricate, and ornate designs for grand ceremonies, or simple arrangements for an idyllic evening dinner with a few of your closest friends and family members?

Ask for their portfolio – pictures of past bouquets and centerpieces will let you know whether you and this florist share the same taste. Be wary of the florist that doesn’t let you see the sample pictures of their arrangements beforehand, as you won’t be able to work with this florist easily to achieve the floral decor arrangements that you want.

2. Budget

Different florists specialize in different types of flower arrangements that could have different price ranges. Be sure to be honest with your wedding florist from Singapore about how much you can afford or are willing to spend from the get-go, as having an estimate will allow both you and your florist to work around specific designs that can cater to your budget.

3. Availability

Is he/she available on the date of your wedding? Given that pre-ordering the flowers as well as assembling them either in advance or on the venue at a certain time before the wedding will take a lot of time, you may need to inform them of the date in advance.

This doesn’t simply extend to the florist. This can also apply to the flowers that you want for your wedding flowers or bridal bouquet. After all, certain flowers may not always be available for floral decor, be it the bridal bouquet, table centerpieces, or the wedding car decor, all year round.

4. Experience

The question “how many weddings have you done?” is essentially code that gauges a florist’s expertise in handling and arranging wedding flowers for floral decor. You can even throw in other questions, such as how to create more budget-friendly alternative designs or how a certain kind of flower is grown.

Knowledge is especially important when it comes to handling and arranging flowers, and a florist with the ample knowledge and experience is a florist that you can trust with confidence to do your dream Singapore wedding.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Florist

You could determine these factors by asking the following questions to gauge if you can work with this florist or not:

1. Are you available on (date of your wedding)?
2. Can you work with my budget?
3. Do you have a portfolio that I can browse?
4. Will you be doing the arrangements by yourself, or will you be working with another florist?
5. How long have you been in business?
6. How would you best describe your style?
7. If I give you a picture of a particular design, can you recreate it?
8. What other decor elements can you provide? Are these items rented? If so, how much will they cost?
9. Is there an additional fee for sample arrangements?

Types of Wedding Florist

Different florists have different specialties and offer different services for different types of clients that need these particular services. Depending on what you need for your wedding, you may want to hire one type of florist over another. Here they are for your consideration:

• Retail – These types of florists hold businesses in street shops where you can stop for a bouquet or two of roses or other flowers to give to your special someone. However, they may not always be equipped to service full events.

• Floral Designer – Your standard florist that you would usually want to hire falls in this category. Designers specialize in combining different flowers into different kinds of floral decor, from bridal bouquet, to boutonniere, to wedding car decor.

• Full-Service Event Designer – This type of designer is not just limited to the wedding flowers, but also on decorating the entire venue as a whole. Decor could extend to candles, table numbers, and other types of decor pieces that you want for your dream wedding. These designers are usually established names that work with a staff in order to help them execute large tasks, and could be quite expensive.