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2011 marks the 18th Anniversary of the Canadian Aboriginal Festival. The Festival offers something for everyone from shopping, food, spectacular dancing, lacrosse, contemporary music,and many other items.

The organizers of the Canadian Aboriginal Festival would like to make it very clear that everyone is welcome, all races and creeds. By being a part of our Canadian showcases for Aboriginal people, you would in affect be honoring us with your presence.

For any questions on this event, please feel free to contact us at (519) 751-0040 or e-mail us at

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What to Consider When Finding a Florist for Your Dream Singapore Wedding

Flowers are an important aspect of your dream wedding in Singapore in order to create the vibe and atmosphere that you want to go for, and the right flowers and flower arrangements can help to create the memories that will make your special day memorable for you and your guests.

Even though the Internet provides a lot of options and arrangements for you to take inspiration from and guides for you to turn your flower ideas into reality, wedding flowers are simply too expensive and time-consuming for you to arrange into floral decor alone or even with a few friends.

Hiring a florist, then, is a great way to save both time and money – but how do you look for one? How do you find one that you can actually work with to bring out the best for your wedding?

What’s the main things to consider when hiring a wedding florist? There are a lot of details to consider when planning and arranging the wedding flowers that a wedding florist has to take care of, which is why you need to look at the details carefully before hiring a florist. Here are some of the things you need to consider when hiring a wedding florist in Singapore:

1. Versatility/Specialty

What kind of designs does this florist specialize in? Does he/she specialize in large, intricate, and ornate designs for grand ceremonies, or simple arrangements for an idyllic evening dinner with a few of your closest friends and family members?

Ask for their portfolio – pictures of past bouquets and centerpieces will let you know whether you and this florist share the same taste. Be wary of the florist that doesn’t let you see the sample pictures of their arrangements beforehand, as you won’t be able to work with this florist easily to achieve the floral decor arrangements that you want.

2. Budget

Different florists specialize in different types of flower arrangements that could have different price ranges. Be sure to be honest with your wedding florist from Singapore about how much you can afford or are willing to spend from the get-go, as having an estimate will allow both you and your florist to work around specific designs that can cater to your budget.

3. Availability

Is he/she available on the date of your wedding? Given that pre-ordering the flowers as well as assembling them either in advance or on the venue at a certain time before the wedding will take a lot of time, you may need to inform them of the date in advance.

This doesn’t simply extend to the florist. This can also apply to the flowers that you want for your wedding flowers or bridal bouquet. After all, certain flowers may not always be available for floral decor, be it the bridal bouquet, table centerpieces, or the wedding car decor, all year round.

4. Experience

The question “how many weddings have you done?” is essentially code that gauges a florist’s expertise in handling and arranging wedding flowers for floral decor. You can even throw in other questions, such as how to create more budget-friendly alternative designs or how a certain kind of flower is grown.

Knowledge is especially important when it comes to handling and arranging flowers, and a florist with the ample knowledge and experience is a florist that you can trust with confidence to do your dream Singapore wedding.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Florist

You could determine these factors by asking the following questions to gauge if you can work with this florist or not:

1. Are you available on (date of your wedding)?
2. Can you work with my budget?
3. Do you have a portfolio that I can browse?
4. Will you be doing the arrangements by yourself, or will you be working with another florist?
5. How long have you been in business?
6. How would you best describe your style?
7. If I give you a picture of a particular design, can you recreate it?
8. What other decor elements can you provide? Are these items rented? If so, how much will they cost?
9. Is there an additional fee for sample arrangements?

Types of Wedding Florist

Different florists have different specialties and offer different services for different types of clients that need these particular services. Depending on what you need for your wedding, you may want to hire one type of florist over another. Here they are for your consideration:

• Retail – These types of florists hold businesses in street shops where you can stop for a bouquet or two of roses or other flowers to give to your special someone. However, they may not always be equipped to service full events.

• Floral Designer – Your standard florist that you would usually want to hire falls in this category. Designers specialize in combining different flowers into different kinds of floral decor, from bridal bouquet, to boutonniere, to wedding car decor.

• Full-Service Event Designer – This type of designer is not just limited to the wedding flowers, but also on decorating the entire venue as a whole. Decor could extend to candles, table numbers, and other types of decor pieces that you want for your dream wedding. These designers are usually established names that work with a staff in order to help them execute large tasks, and could be quite expensive.

Perks of Regularly Drinking Alkaline Water

Drinking alkaline water has become increasingly popular over the last few years. With more and more social media influencers posting Instagram pictures with their bottled alkaline water, the reception has reached a massive following in Singapore. Drinking alkaline water isn’t only popular among fitness and gym enthusiasts, but it is also now regularly followed by regular people and even famous celebrities alike.

Alkaline water vs. Tap water
With the hype attached to drinking alkaline water, it’s not a surprise to know even famous celebrities are drinking it. Supermodel Miranda Kerr and Actor Mark Wahlberg are only among the few. There are several benefits of alkaline water to the body, but one important question to ask is, how does it differ from your regular tap water?

For one, alkaline water has lesser acidity than tap. It contains a pH level over seven, which means the drink possesses lesser concentration of hydrogen ions. All liquids use the pH scale to measure and determine its acidity, and the scale ranges from 0-14 for drinkable fluids. If the drink has a pH level under 7 (such as vinegar, orange juice, black coffee), it means it is acidic. Seven is considered as the neutral level, but anything above 7 contains strong alkaline content (like baking soda).

Where can you consume alkaline water?
More and more businesses in Singapore are profiting off the hype of alkaline water. The drink is now made more accessible through various sources; such as special water filter, additive, customized faucet attachment, and to more sophisticated technology like an alkaline water ioniser machine. These are responsible for raising the pH level of your water.

If we’re talking convenience and popularity, however, alkaline bottled waters are arguably the most popular option to drink alkaline water in Singapore. But some homes also go through further lengths such as getting their personal alkaline water ionizer for their needs.

Perks of drinking alkaline water
Before you go and stock up on your alkaline water supply, it is important to remember that these alkaline water in Singapore perks and benefits attributed to drinking alkaline water still have no strong scientific backing. To date, clinical studies are still working on supporting these claims with more accurate findings. The previous study results are still lacking and, overall, inconclusive – but scientists are working hard on finding the truth.

Nonetheless, regular alkaline water drinkers attest that the drink is making their lives better. They are willing to take measures and ditch regular tap water for alkaline, with some buying their own alkaline water ionizer for home use.

Although concrete scientific results are still lacking to prove this claim’s authenticity, here are some of the more popular perks attached to drinking alkaline water:

1. Soothes acid reflux
Alkaline water which has an 8.8 pH level is said to help in soothe acid reflux. This is because a higher pH level eradicates pepsin; the enzyme involved in the breaking down of food proteins and is also notorious for causing acid reflux.

Acid reflux is also called as heartburn, pyrosis, or acid indigestion. The phenomenon happens when acidic stomach contents go back up into the esophagus, thus creating a burning pain in the lower chest area shortly after eating. This is a growing common complication in Singapore where one in 10 people suffers from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.

2. Neutralizes the acid in the bloodstream
Another commonly believed perk attached to drinking alkaline water is that it helps in neutralizing the acid in your bloodstream. In return, this increases oxygen levels and improves your metabolism along with your energy.

3. Contains antioxidant properties
Aside from potential health benefits, there are also claimed cosmetic and beauty benefits in alkaline water. Since the drink contains innate antioxidant properties, this helps slow the effects of aging on your skin as well as protects the body from various diseases. Regular consumption of alkaline water is also said to rejuvenate your skin – so if you’re wondering why supermodels and beauty gurus are drinking it, that may be one reason why!

4. Cleanses the colon
Drinking alkaline water is also believed to effectively flush out the toxins and other remaining poisons clinging inside your intestinal walls. There are several health issues sprouting from the intestines and digestive tract, so it’s essential to cleanse your colon from these harmful toxins. Accordingly, alkaline water is considered a safer and more effective option in cleansing your colon compared to other detox products.

5. Aids in weight loss
Good news for all those who are planning to shed off some pounds for their summer body! If you want to be fit, drinking alkaline water combined with proper diet and exercise is found to effectively speed up your weight loss process. High acidity in the body is notorious for storing more fat than usual. Alkalizing your body, on the contrary, breaks down the fatty cells and improves your general digestion.

Ask your fitness trainer if alkaline water can be incorporated in your diet. Chances are, regular consumption of alkaline water might just help you achieve your dream body in no time.

6. Fights fatigue
Are you prone to feeling weary and worn-out at the end of a long day at work? Alkaline water contains high oxygen content which is found to naturally boost your energy levels and fight any signs of fatigue. Having excess acid in the body leads to dehydration; weakening your blood cells and internal organs and causing fatigue.

Improving your overall health through alkaline water can be possible. The gist here is, if you maintain a healthy pH balance in your body, you will begin to feel a whole lot better. Drinking alkaline water happens to help you with that.

Note: This list is compiled in no particular order.

Importance of Routine Electrical Maintenance

The electrical wiring of your home is largely out of sight, and this is one of the reasons why its maintenance is often set aside. Over time, the wires suffer wear and tear and it impacts on the equipment and appliances that operate on the circuit. Eventually, you will have to deal with electrical problems more frequently that you used to.

The best thing to do to avoid such complications is to hire a licensed electrician for regular electrical maintenance. Once you find a good electrician, it will be easier to perform an annual inspection of your property’s power system.

Here are some of the benefits of regular inspection to your property’s electrical works.

1. Reduced Energy Cost

When appliances are working properly, they use less energy, which in turn will save you some money. Outdated electrical systems and faulty appliances may have to use more power to continue working, which can drive up your electric bill. By letting an electrician perform maintenance works regularly, your electrical system and items at home are kept in their best working condition. Plus, your electrician can recommend ways to further save energy with the use of today’s technological advancements.

2. Protection of Appliances

Whether you’re using a mini fridge or a four-door fridge at home, you’ve spent good amount of money to buy it, so of course you would want to make good use out of it. Not having regular maintenance by a licensed electrician services from Singapore is like waiting for an appliance to die before its lifetime. Each piece of equipment you have at home comes with a manual that states their recommended maintenance works and how often it should be done. Discuss this with your electrician in Singapore so he can schedule his visits accordingly.

3. Fire Safety

Electrical incidents and wirings usually spark home fires. Outdated electrical systems, wirings and fixtures are usually the root cause of these accidents. Having an annual check-up of your power system will ensure that the power source, electrical lines, wirings and outlets are up to date and are functioning properly.

4. Safety of Occupants

Periodic inspections done by reputable electrician services companies always include inspections for possibility of electrical shocks, power overloading, outdated or faulty wiring and fire hazards. The safety of your family and anyone occupying the property is definitely at risk when you choose to skip regular maintenance of your home’s electrical works.

5. Continuous Productivity

If you are looking to maintain the comfort of your home or the productivity of your business, a major electrical problem can cause a major problem. Electricity runs your appliances, including the most important ones like the air conditioning system, refrigerator and your desktop computer. If the damage has worsened, it may take a few days to get the power working again. This means less productivity, especially for those working from home, and discomfort in times when you should already be relaxing after a long tiring day.

Areas Checked During an Inspection

Any professional and licensed electrician services company in Singapore can help you with annual maintenance check on your home’s electrical system. Areas of your power system that usually gets included in an inspection are the following:

    • Electrical Outlets

    All your electrical outlets will be checked using a tester. Other related areas to be included in the check-up are the plug covers, as well as water damage and discolorations around the outlet due to heat.

    • Possible Overloading

    A good electrician will make sure that there’s no overloading in your home’s electrical installations. Not only overloading may cause power outage, but can also severely damage equipment and appliances.

    • Circuit Breaker and Panel

    Sparking and loose wires are definite signs of problems when inspecting the circuit breaker of a property. Scorch or burnt marks in the panel or breaker will also be examined carefully.

Signs to Look Out For

As long as you do regular maintenance inspection, you should be able to avoid sudden electrical problems. However, if you encounter any of these signs, it’s likely because of an electrical problem. Once you notice that something is not working the way it should be, do not delay calling an electrician to have your system checked.

    • Burnt smell from an outlet
    • Flickering lights
    • Frequent tripping of the circuit breaker
    • Slight tingle when touching an appliance
    • Discoloration of power outlets
    • Buzzing sounds from power outlets when used
    • An appliance that is hot to the touch
    • Very dim lights

So, have you performed an electrical maintenance over the recent years? If not, don’t feel bad about it. Most homeowners don’t even realize that they have to do regular inspection—at least once a year—on their electrical system at home. However, keep in mind that it should be done as soon as possible.

A licensed electrician is your best friend when it comes to maintaining and updating your electrical system. Keep in mind that regular electrician services are inexpensive and quick, compared to extensive repairs caused by poorly maintained electric lines. Your home is perhaps the most expensive purchase you will ever make in your life, so it only makes sense to ensure that it is always safe and protected from damage. And while electricity is invisible, it can still pose a fatal threat to your property and to the people living in it. Get your system inspected now. Do not put it off—especially if you haven’t had one for years. Call a professional electrician today.

Prevention of Sexually-Transmitted Diseases

Sexually-transmitted diseases are considered the hidden epidemic by some medical practitioners. STDs are also silent killers because most cases don’t show symptoms until they develop into serious complications. Ignorance and misinformation about how a sexually transmitted disease is acquired contribute to the increase of STD cases. Finally, there is a stigma when getting an STD screening. While most people nowadays feel the importance of getting an annual STD testing, there are still some who fear being labeled promiscuous, an unfaithful partner or a sex worker.

Blood and Blood Products

One common misconception is the transmission of STDs. Most of the identified vectors for STDs such as viruses, bacteria and parasites can be transmitted in three methods. You cannot have STDs by talking, hugging, touching another individual or by using items touched by an infected person. You can get STDs through sexual contact, direct contact with infected blood and blood products, and mother-to-newborn transmission.

You can come into contact with infected blood if you share needles for tattooing and piercing and needles or syringes for injecting drugs. You are at risk of acquiring hepatitis B and C, HIV and others. Make sure that the tattoo or body artist is using new sterile needles and razors. Pick only reputable tattoo and piercing shops that regularly clean their equipment. Old and used needles must be disposed properly.

Infected blood from blood donors are risky especially if the donor was not screened. Fortunately, in Singapore health practitioners are required to observe hygienic procedures when using medical supplies. But to avoid infected blood, accept blood transfusion only when it’s needed and know your blood type in advance so that it’s easier to find donors.

Pregnancy and STDs

STDs that are left untreated can affect fertility and pregnancy. The baby is also at risk of getting the infection from the mother. An infected infant might suffer from low birth weight, sepsis, pneumonia, and congenital deformities. Others lead to prematurity or stillbirth. Worse, the mother could have a difficult pregnancy and labor. Pregnant women with STDs can still get proper treatment if an STD testing is included during prenatal visits. Antibiotics or antiretroviral medication may be prescribed based on the result of the STD test.

It’s also important for couples to get an STD screening together if they are planning to have a baby soon. Remember that even one sexually transmitted disease can cause complications. Ask your doctor about a vaccination for hepatitis B. Women aged 9 to 26 can also ask about HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer.

Use of Contraceptives and Barriers

Although not all types of STDs can be prevented by using contraceptives and barriers, they can still lower the risk of transmission. If you or your partner has a history of STD, don’t be afraid to get tested at STD clinic in Singapore to confirm your status. Do not engage in intimate encounters with people you don’t know. Avoid having multiple intimate partners at the same time. Sometimes an infected person doesn’t have any visible symptom on the body like sores, rashes and discharges.

Doctors recommend the use of latex condoms and water-based lubricants. People allergic to latex can use synthetic condoms instead. Try not to share undergarments and towels with your partner.You should agree to practice either abstinence or mutual monogamy. It’s important to have an honest talk with your partner especially if you have a history of STD. Talk it over if you think you should both get tested and treated at the same time.

Available Vaccines

Talk to your doctor in Singapore about the vaccines available.

1. Hepatitis A Virus. Hepatitis A vaccines are recommended for children aged 12 to 23 months. Travelers and those who are at risk of getting infected can also be vaccinated.

2. Hepatitis B Virus. Newborns can be given hepatitis B vaccines before they reach 6 months of age. The person is given 3 or 4 shots within 6 months. Adolescents not older than 19 years and adults who are at high risk of getting hepatitis B can still be vaccinated.

3. Four Types of Human Papillomavirus. There are available vaccines for 4 strains of HPV. They are recommended for people aged 11 to 26. Children between 11 and 12 years need two shots spaced between 12 months. Children older than 14 years need three shots within 6 months. Women not older than 26 years and men not more than 21 years old can still get vaccinated.

High-Risk Cases

During the initial interview before an STD test, the health care provider will ask about your medical history (especially if you have had STD in the past), lifestyle, sexual practices, number of intimate partners, and your line of work. They can point out if you belong to high-risk cases. Activities such as kissing and hand-to-genital contact are considered low-risk activities. Genital, anal and oral sex are considered high-risk activities. Unprotected sex as well as having more than one partner are also considered high-risk activities.

Get an STD Screening

A lot of people don’t even want to consider the idea of getting tested because they are ashamed. Some clinics in Singapore, however, provide privacy and anonymity to their patients. You can also purchase STD test kits for use at home and then send the sample to a laboratory for testing. But you will still need another set of tests at the hospital or clinic if the result is positive. STD screening is the only way to determine if you are infected. You will also need several tests while you’re being treated. There are different types of STD testing procedures for each sexually-transmitted disease, so be sure to talk to your doctor about the symptoms to determine which STD test is the right one for you. Get tested at least once a year especially if you are sexually active.

What Should You Look for in a Quality Printer?

An office printer in businesses, schools, and government offices in Singapore is an invaluable tool. With so many types of printers and different features to choose from nowadays, such as the laser printer, colour printer, and graphic art printer, how do you pick a printer in Singapore?

What Does a Printer Do?

Simply put, an office printer is a device used to prepare a permanent output on paper. Printers are connected to another device, such as a computer, that will input the information that need to be printed. Throughout the history of printing, the function of the machine has not changed much, although technology has greatly improved.

Today, a printer and copier machine can be connected to a network, print colored photographs, and can even print on materials other than paper.

Find out how each model differs before you buy printer or copier for your office.

What are the Types of Printers?

All printers are divided into two categories based on how the text or pixel is transferred on the paper.

1. Impact Printer

This type of office printer has an electromechanical function with pins or hammers that strike against a ribbon and paper to print the text.

• Character Printer: This type of impact printer that you can get from copier leasing in Singapore will print one character at a time, which is why it will take time to fill out a piece of blank paper.

• Dot Matrix: This model is a type of character printer that combines dots. The ink pass through a matrix of pins (usually 24 in number) and there is a carbon paper in between the paper and the pins.

• Lines Printer: As the name suggests, this type of printer will print one line at a time instead of characters.

2. Non-Impact Printer

This type of office printer or copier uses non-impact mechanisms to print characters faster.

• Character Printer: Like the impact character printer, the non-impact character printer will print one character at a time instead of a whole page.

• Ink-Jet: This type of office printer or copier prints by spraying patterns of ink from a jet or nozzle with fine holes on a blank piece of paper. When the ink is sprayed, it turns into vapor and passes through a reflecting plate before a character is printed. This is often the first choice for offices when they buy printer.

• Page Printer: Unlike the character printer, a page printer will transfer an entire page to a drum and the toner is applied before it seals the page on a blank piece of paper.

• Laser: This type of office printer in Singapore uses a laser beam to print an image on the drum by altering electrical charges on it. The drum will roll through the toner so that its charged surface picks up the toner and then transferred through the paper. To permanently print the character, the laser printer seals it with heat and pressure. The laser printer works similarly to a copier machine when printing. Some laser printers don’t use laser, and instead rely on LEDs and LCDs.

Most offices have a laser printer, inkjet printer, and even graphic art printer. But while the features of a laser printer might seem attractive, newer models of inkjet printers have better quality than the old models and are still cheaper than laser printers. For more sophisticated needs, like printing photos, brochures, booklets, invitations, and artworks, you will need more specialized printers like a graphic art printer or a colour printer. However, remember that some laser and LED printers have poor photo quality and require frequent resupply of ink.

What Should I Look for in a Printer?

Before you buy a printer in Singapore, you need to consider who will be using it, how many will use it, how much printing needs to be done daily, and whether you need colored or monochrome printouts.

Your office might not need all the extra features of new technology printers, so pick only the model that will suit your needs to save money on ink. These are the most important factors you need to consider:

1. Resolution: This refers to the maximum number of dots per inch that your printer can print. A 600-dpi printer or copier machine should be good enough for printing documents and 1,200 dpi for photos.

2. Print Speed: You have to estimate your office’s print volume per day so you can get a good idea of the printing speed you will need for an office printer or copier. Your best bet is to check the specifications of a printer (look for the label “ppm” or pages per minute) to check the speed. Offices should ideally have a printer with 20 ppm or more, but if you need to print more, look for models that have a 40-ppm output.

3. Connectivity: While all printers can connect to a computer, make sure that it can also connect to your office’s network and has a pairing option with mobile devices for easier printing. Mobile printing has become popular in some offices in Singapore, so look for an office printer with NFC or near-field communication support.

4. Paper Handling: Personal printers can hold a maximum of 150 sheets and is ideal for small offices, but if your employees need to print more than 200 sheets, you should consider printers with upgraded features and several paper trays to minimize paper loading.

5. Photos: If you’re an artisan or a photographer, keep in mind that some inkjet printers can produce excellent quality printouts with the use of CMYK inks, but might be impractical if you need to print a lot of photos. Instead, consider getting a graphic art printer or a colour printer that is built specifically for printing photos.

6. Ink and Toner: You should not forget the costs of the ink and toner when buying a printer, because some inks for specific printers can be more expensive than others. Before you buy printer or copier, check the price of its ink or toner, and remember that a cheap office printer will usually require an expensive ink or toner.

6 Healthy Tips for Leaner Bbq Season

The all-year round sunny weather of Singapore is always ideal for outdoor grilling. When the family is together and the weather is just warm and cosy, we just want to relax, unwind, and just have fun. Well, what would be a better way to enjoy an outdoor get-together than with a barbecue party? You can either hire a bbq catering service provider or do the grilling your own.

But before you start hitting the grill, we have a couple of tips for you to help you enjoy your otah and satay party while keeping everyone in the family lean and healthy.

Healthy Tip No. 1: Bold Ingredients for Stronger Flavours

Using bolder ingredients mean more flavour for a quantity of less. Here are some flavouring for sauces and marinades that won’t give you too many fat grams and calories.

    • Worcestershire Sauce: Two tablespoons contain 30 calories, 390 milligrams sodium, and zero grams fat
    • Tomato Paste: Two tablespoons contain 30 calories, 20 milligrams sodium, and zero grams fat
    • Soy Sauce: Two tablespoons contain 20 calories, 1,150 milligrams sodium, zero grams fat
    • Molasses: Two tablespoons contain 120 calories, 40 milligrams, zero grams fat.

Healthy Tip No. 2: Little sweetness is Good, But Too Much is Never Better

Adding a bit of sweet ingredient, like sugar or fruit juice, to the marinade or sauce is fine. It enhances the flavour and balances the intense flavour of bold spices. However, too much of the sweet ingredient easily burns the fish, meat, or vegetables when they are grilled over high heat.

Healthy Tip No. 3: Take the Skin Off When Grilling Chicken

Half the fat in chicken thigh and breast is found in the skin, which is why it’s much healthier to have your chicken skinless. You can order from a bbq wholesale provider skinless chicken parts or personally remove them with your own hands. Just make sure you take the skin off before marinating your chicken as doing it after will strip away all the flavour from the marinade, rubs, and seasonings. After taking off the skin, marinade your skinless chicken for at least two hours in the fridge. Drain the marinade off from the Singapore bbq catering delivery, and then cook the chicken over direct heat. Constantly check the chicken’s thickest part to ensure your chicken barbecue is perfectly cooked.

Healthy Tip No. 4: Throw in Some Veggies

One of the best parts about grilling veggies is that they’re quick to cook, and most of them taste better when grilled than cooked in any other way. To enhance the flavour, you can marinate your vegetables as well. If you don’t have much time for preparation, just coat them so slightly with canola or olive oil. The trick to achieve perfection over grilled veggies is cutting them into sizes that cook well on the grill. When cooking over medium heat, turn them frequently and they’ll be usually done in about eight to ten minutes (or less, depending on the vegetable). Wait for light browning and grill marks to develop before removing them from the heat.

Healthy Tip No. 5: Serve Barbecue in Sensible Size

Encourage healthier dining by serving your grilled meats in smaller but sensible portions. For example, you can have:

    • Filet-mignon-sized steaks instead of the typical 10- to 15-ounce steaks.
    • Quarter pound burgers, made with lean ground sirloin, instead of ½ pound patties.
    • Cut sausage lengthwise instead of grilling them whole.
    • Alternate meats cut in smaller cubes with vegetables for kebabs.
    • Thinly slice larger cuts of barbecue meats. Let the oil drip by resting the meat for 10 minutes before serving them to your family.

You can ask these specifics to your bbq catering provider if you opt for a catered get-together.

Healthy Tip No. 6: Tenderize Meats with Marinades

When tenderizing meat, use low-fat marinades with acid ingredients to breakdown tough fibres. Apart from its tenderizing abilities, marinades add flavours. However, remember that its power to tenderize meat is only to about a quarter of an inch deep. That’s why it is important to make sure that the meat is completely submerged into the marinade.

Many people in Singapore love to barbecue. And like any type of cooking, it’s important to be always healthy and fit even when indulging into these kinds of food. With these healthy tips, it should be now easier for you to prepare your family a hearty barbecue meal.

5 Essential Benefits of Regular Aircon Servicing

Majority of people in Singapore wait until their AC unit begins to make strange noises or encounter technical problems before they call for aircon servicing. However, even if your air conditioner seems to be on its prime condition, it is established that every unit can lose around 5% of its operational efficiency annually.

A properly working air conditioner is essential for the comfort of your loved ones, or in offices for your team members to work in a comfortable working environment. This makes it imperative to have your AC unit regularly checked for smooth functioning.

Through regular aircon maintenance, you can expect that your AC system will retain up to its 95% original efficiency. Worried about the service fees? The cost is actually recovered quickly on your reduced electricity bill and lesser repair costs. Accordingly, having a regularly serviced air conditioning unit will do a fantastic job at dehumidifying and cooling your home.

Should your unit have an annual tune up?

Generally, the answer is yes. It is advised to have your AC unit checked for aircon repair and maintenance at least once a year, regardless of whether it presents urgent issues and red flags that needs to be checked on immediately.

You would want for your air conditioner to be functioning at its maximum capacity. This prevents you from suffering from an uncomfortable home setting and an unproductive work environment. You are also likely to be given a proper aircon servicing in Singapore if you arrange it beforehand, avoiding tight schedules when all technicians have all hands on-deck.

There’s an exception to this, of course, if your unit begins to create strange noises or doesn’t seem to be functioning properly – have it looked at right away.

Benefits of regular service

1. Recover lost efficiency

It is inevitable for your unit to lose its efficiency over time. However, through regular aircon servicing, you can expect to recover some of its lost efficiency from the first time you brought it. Air conditioners offer any room the comfort in those humid conditions, so when you observe their servicing from a reputable aircon servicing company in Singapore on a timely basis – you can expect for optimum results every time you turn the unit on.

2. Reduce the chances of a costly, major breakdown

The longer you put off aircon servicing for your unit, the more likely it is to arrive on a point of a major, costly breakdown. Keep in mind that breakdowns may happen even at the most inopportune times. The likelihood of a major breakdown may just cost you a great sum from your budget, so typically, you’d want to avoid getting in such a situation.

If you manage a business, you wouldn’t want your customers to be inconvenienced because of a poorly working AC unit. Clients who visit your office would also be likely put-off by this. Unfortunate instances like such can be avoided by having well-serviced machines.

3. Increase the machine’s lifespan

No AC unit can last forever, the same thing goes for every electrical equipment sold in the market, but you can lengthen its operation and lifespan through regular aircon servicing. Your unit will be assessed and checked from time to time. This means, you can get some parts changed (i.e. filters) to achieve a prolonged lifespan of the unit. Think of the Singapore dollars you will save, as you don’t have to buy another unit immediately when your AC acts up!

4. Reduces running costs

On-time servicing of your AC unit allows you to reduce the running costs that are involved in having an air conditioner at home or in the office. ACs are known to cost substantial electricity bills because of the power needed for their proper functioning. Energy consumption can be higher in units which aren’t serviced on-time. Keep operating costs as low as possible through regular servicing especially if you’re keen on saving big amounts.

5. Increased comfort

Having a regularly serviced AC unit means you can rely on its maximum capacity most of the time. You are likely to enjoy a flawless cooling of your room, regardless of whether you’re staying within the comforts of home or presenting a report at the office. Air conditioners are bought to provide comfort – and having a well-serviced unit will definitely give you the comfort you are seeking for.

What does the process entail?

Your air conditioning technician will first inspect your AC unit and assess if there are any parts that needs to be changed, or at least tinkered with. Inspecting your air conditioner closely is vital to pinpoint any underlying issues that may need to be addressed. Basically, he will do things that includes:

    • Giving the condensing unit coils and evaporator coils a thorough cleaning
    • Checking the compressor’s amp draw (and all components)
    • Oiling the fan motors (if necessary)
    • Checking the tightness of the belts and adjusting them if he/she deems fit
    • Checking the operating pressures and temperatures of the system (against the specifications of the manufacturer)
    • Inspecting the refrigerant level
    • Checking all the sensors and thermostats
    • Tightening all the electrical terminals
    • Checking the ductwork for any damages or air leaks
    • Checking the smooth operation of all zone motors
    • Testing condensate tray, P trap, and drains
    • Inspecting all the safety devices

There are a number of benefits to having your AC unit regularly serviced and checked. If you’re worried about the costs, you can expect to recover all the accumulated fees through lesser repair costs and a reduced electricity bill. This will help you save more money in your account and maintain the comfort you’ve grown accustomed to.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*

Property Management: Hiring a Plumbing Contractor

The plumbing system is one of the most important things to take care of when it comes to estate maintenance. Clogged drains, leaked pipes, and other plumbing problems can potentially developed into more serious problems the moment the water starts to leak on the walls or pool on the floor and ceiling. Minor leaks and clogs that are not addressed right away can create substantial damages whose repair can possibly cost you thousands of dollars. To avoid major expenses and renovations, ask your managing agent to regularly check every pipeline of the building and immediately fix minor hitches that can potentially turn into greater damage.

To guarantee optimum condition of plumbing systems in your entire property, look for an efficient and reliable plumbing contractor in Singapore.

Independent Contractor and Emergency Plumbing Services

If you’re looking to working with a plumber on a regular basis, perhaps for your property’s regular estate maintenance, you would do great with hiring an independent plumbing contractor. Independent plumbers hired by a property management Singapore are best for property owners who are maintaining larger buildings with greater plumbing works. For recommendations of certified plumbing contractors in your locality, ask your friends, colleagues or your managing agent, or try searching the Internet for websites of legitimate organizations associated with plumbing contractors and services.

On the other hand, if you think your property doesn’t need much attention, you’ll do well with emergency plumbing services. Many emergency contractors here in Singapore are usually available 24/7 and can give instant solution to emergency plumbing problems, as opposed to most independent contractors who are only available on certain hours of the day.

Nearby Services

Whether your condo manager hired an independent or emergency plumbing contractor, make sure to hire a company situated near your property’s location. Also, nearby contractors possess more knowledge about the general plumbing of the area where you are located, thus, making it easier to fix any issue.

Security Matters

Whether you or your condo manager is the one looking for a contractor, be sure the plumber can show a valid license. Legitimate licenses will not only guarantee professional services, it will also provide affirmation that the person coming into your building and into the home of your tenants to fix plumbing issues is not a threat to the security of you and your tenant’s property. The licensure also serves as an insurance that will cover the expenses in case of any damage that the plumber has caused during their service.

Quality Materials

When some parts of your plumbing system has to be replaced, it is important to make sure that your contractor uses quality materials in replacement of those defective parts. Though high-quality parts can get a bit costly, this will help you save from frequent upkeep in the long run.

Having your plumbing lines regularly checked is the most suitable for real estate properties. To ensure all pipes, faucets, and water lines in the entire property in excellent working condition, property management companies often recommend hiring independent plumbing contractor, or you can ask your managing agent for annual property management maintenance package for greater savings.

Some Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing a Particular Curtain Cleaning Service Provider

Nowadays, it is important to acknowledge that not everyone has ample time in the day to tend to personal tasks. In Singapore, for instance, the Ministry of Manpower published that Singaporean workers clocked around 2, 371.2 hours in 2016 alone. This maintained the city-state the title of the longest working hours in the world again. With such a tight schedule, it would be tricky to balance a normal work-life schedule.

The alternative to personally doing day-to-day tasks such as washing the laundry or cleaning the curtain is through hiring a commercial service provider to do the job for you. Even if you own a washing machine at home, chances are you don’t have enough time to power it yourself based on your tight work schedules during the weekdays. There are also times when the machine breaks down when you need it to function most. All this makes tapping the assistance of curtain cleaning services a modern lifesaver.

Though curtain cleaning may seem insignificant compared to the other personal tasks you have to accomplish, you have to keep in mind that a clean residence would make you calmer and more at ease. When you arrive home at the end of a long day at work, the clean curtains actually makes you appreciate coming home to a clean house. It also lifts your spirits, as well.

Commercial Curtain Cleaning

Commercial curtain cleaning service providers that do curtain cleaning in Singapore often have their own distinct way of giving your curtains a thorough cleaning. From curtain laundry service to curtain dry cleaning, they will carefully examine the material and fabric in your curtain to determine which cleaning process likely suits it most. Regardless, should you choose cleaners — it is important to select the one that will offer excellent services on your curtains.

To do so, you have to take some factors into account which includes the cost of their services, the kind of detergent they use, and their efficiency in getting the curtains all cleaned up, among the many. Especially if the fabric type of your curtain isn’t suitable with certain chemicals in the detergent, it might trigger adverse effects on your skin if you are allergic to certain chemicals.

The most efficient curtain cleaning shops have a number of skilled staff to cater to your curtain with tender care, together with the help of washing machines of various sizes to help cut on the time it’d take for the curtains to be thoroughly clean. Aside from that, there are a number of other factors you have to put into consideration in order for you to get your money’s worth when it comes to cleaning curtains.

• Referrals and reviews

There are various ways for you to get an idea regarding a particular company’s service. For one, there are lots of Singapore blog sites which offer personal reviews based on their experiences. You can browse through a few accounts to weigh if the positive experiences outweigh the negative, or take note if there’s anything important that you need to keep in mind. Word-of-mouth referrals are also ideal, since you can ask questions at the same time. Ask around if there’s someone you know who has had a pleasant experience from a curtain laundry service shop and start from there.

• Experience

While experience and a competent history of a particular curtain dry cleaning shop is appealing, it becomes far better when also backed with specific and ongoing training. There is so much to know about curtain cleaning; whether it may be information on the different fabric types, the detergents that may not be suitable to particular curtains, and the like. Hence is why the staff cleaners must have appropriate training regarding these said matters.

• Availability

With your work schedule eating up the majority of your time in the day, you have to synchronize in meeting up with the cleaning company depending on which days are you free. There might be instances when their office hours are over once you’ve exited your work building and you wouldn’t want the hassle of an unproductive trip heading there for nothing.

• Pricing for the services

This factor involves canvassing the general price of curtain cleaning services offered by other shops in the market. It is best that you get your money’s worth, especially if the cleaning services come with a price. On the other hand, while it is tempting to score a deal that is relatively cheap, that decision might also lead you to a low-quality, disappointing cleaning service.

• Supplies and equipment used

It won’t hurt to inquire about certain products and equipment the shop uses. For one, you need to ensure that the chemicals in these products won’t trigger a reaction in the material of your fabric — which can then cause adverse effects on your skin should you be allergic to it. Aside from that, it is ideal to also know if their products are environment-friendly or if they are of high quality.

• Insurance and proof of license

Some curtain cleaning companies in Singapore often pay visits to your home in order to inspect and examine your curtain thoroughly before you bring it over for a wash. With that, it is advisable for you to get the services of the right company so you can forward your complaints with ease should an urgent matter arise in the long run. Cases such as loss of property or damage to the material while they conduct their inspection must be something they are liable of.

Hiring a curtain cleaning service provider will definitely bring you convenience and efficient results, if you choose the right company, that is. While you leave the responsibility of cleaning your curtains to these specialists, you also have to do your part in ensuring you are leaving them in good hands. Take time in deliberating your options and consider thoroughly the factors presented in this article in order for you to come up with a good decision. Good luck!

Plumbing Inspection Before Buying a Home

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will have in your life. Therefore, buying one shouldn’t be rushed nor taken for granted. You want to find a safe and stable property for yourself and for your family; and to be able to do that, a house inspection should be done before closing the deal.

Before proceeding to buy a property, you must thoroughly inspect its interiors first, including the house’s plumbing system. During this visit, it’s ideal to have a professional plumber with you as they will know how to properly check for plumbing issues that you would have missed have you gone alone. If you want a closer hand in inspecting your home, here are some tips on how you and your plumbing contractor should inspect your plumbing system.

1. Ask the Seller’s Help

Reputable real estate agents will help you verify the condition of all aspects of the property you wish to purchase. If they refuse to provide access to the house’s plumbing system, that’s a major red flag that there could be a serious problem.

2. Dress Appropriately

Before beginning the inspection, make sure to bring the right gears—strong-grip gloves, comfortable footwear and a flashlight—and wear something that you won’t mind getting dirty. Checking the plumbing system can get messy, so be prepared.

3. Look for Lead

Older homes in Singapore tend to use lead pipes. While lead is helpful, it’s toxic and therefore should be avoided especially of you have kids. Lead pipes may not be a major deal breaker, but before closing the deal, ask your plumber in Singapore how much it would cost to replace the lead pipes.

4. Test Every Shut Off Valve

As a homeowner, you need to know where the main shut off valve of your home’s water supply is, and make sure that it is in excellent condition. Check that you can easily turn on/off your shut off valve, which is usually located near your home’s water meter. Now, turn the valve off, go around your house, and turn on every faucet. If any faucet has a flow, or even just drips, the entire plumbing system may have to be checked and repaired.

5. Check the Pipes

For most homeowners in Singapore, having good and constant water pressure is important, and the size of the water pipes helps determine this. Larger pipes at the main source should be anywhere between .75 to one inch in size, while the rest of the pipes in the house should be .5 or larger. Anything that’s smaller than .5 will restrict the water flow, and this is something that’s quite costly to replace.

6. Inspect the Water Heater

Have your plumbing services staff inspect the water heater. If it’s old, in poor working condition, or has other operating issues, it could be an expensive repair or replacement that you should take into consideration when bidding on a property. When checking the water heater, look for corroded parts, mineral deposits and other warning signs that the equipment needs to be replaced.

7. Smell the Sewage

Sewage problems are disgusting, stinky and expensive plumbing works. Before signing on the dotted line, find out what kind of sewage system the house has. If there’s a septic tank, find out where it is located, where its line runs, how big it is, and the time when it was last emptied or serviced. Check the area of the tank, as well as its line, paying attention for bad odours, stagnant water and other signs of seepage. Since problems with septic tanks are usually costly, this is something you must insist on getting a deeper discount or having fixed before finalizing the deal.

8. Inspect for Any Leaks

Make sure that the bathroom and kitchen faucets, as well as the shower and the toilet, are in good working condition and do not leak. A leaking toilet tank may not be noticeable, but it can cost you a lot in the long run. If your refrigerator has ice maker, find its water supply line and check for bulges and leaks. If the supply line is plastic, consider replacing it with copper.

9. Test the Washing Machine Pipes

Make sure the water valves for your laundry machine is working. Check the machine’s intake hose and drain hose. They should not be brittle, nor should be dripping from where they are hooked. Check the faucet where you hooked your hose to see that it’s not rusted shut.

10. Determine Whether It Has Hard Water

Hard water causes stain and scale build-up on fixtures ad can make washing dishes and cleaning windows difficult. What’s worse, if this water goes untreated, scale can build-up inside the plumbing system. The best way to determine whether or not a property has hard water is to check the exteriors of the plumbing lines for signs of build-up. If you find any, try to negotiate a water softening supply into the deal. Ask your 24 hours plumber about this to help wiggle this add-on to your package.

These are just a few of the things that will help inspect a house’s plumbing works. Monitoring the water ways and pressure is an important part of inspecting a property. In order to get the most comprehensive home inspection and ensure smart investment, let a reliable plumber do the inspection for you. Ask your contractor if property inspection is included in their plumbing services. If so, tag them along during site visitations for professional advices.

A Brief History of Wedding Rings and Why They’re Universally Worn on The Ring Finger

In contemporary times, an engagement ring serves as the iconic symbol of one’s love for the other. Some couples would even go beyond their way just to own a pair of breathtaking rings worth cherishing over; some sparkling with crystals ever so pleasant to the eye, while others are made out of pure gold.

It is important to keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with splurging over your proposal ring. Although you have other wedding arrangements to finance, your rings will remain with you for a long time. If anything, you are likely to wear it every day. Weddings are generally a once in a lifetime event hence it is only fitting to desire nothing but the best for your grand day.


The practice of owning a ring between couples has been observed in time immemorial, but there is no official record as to when and where this age-old tradition really began. One record shows the earliest exchange of wedding ring about 4,800 years ago from ancient Egypt. The material was composed of rushes, sedges, and reeds (which they grew together with the popular Papyrus plant), which was then braided and twisted into rings.

In Western cultures, the ring is traditionally worn on the fourth finger — and this revered symbolism paved way for the finger to be universally known as the ‘ring’ finger. This proves that the ring, then, is regarded to be one of the most important symbols in the history of mankind.


The circle serves as a universal symbol for eternity, a shape which doesn’t have any beginning nor an end. This interpretation is not only limited amongst ancient Egyptian civilizations but is also true among other culture. Marriage is considered to be a sacred union among two people. You can find many beautiful circle designs when you search for customized wedding bands in singapore for your wedding. And what better symbol than a circle to associate it with?

Only a few couples in Singapore are aware of the further symbolism to these rings. Beyond its shape, the other parts also hold significance — like that of the hole in the center. It is not only to be considered as merely a free space. Rather, it signifies a door or a gateway, which leads you to things and events you may not know of. The married couple embark in their life journey together withstanding all the struggles and problems they may face in the future.

To give an engagement ring to the beloved also portrays the lover’s utmost and never-ending love. Rings bear testament to one’s intention of spending the rest of his life together with the woman who holds his heart dear. This sacred union remains strong for better or for worse, in sickness and death, and ‘till death do they both part.


The earliest version of rings didn’t last long, mainly because the materials they were made of were rather weak and downright obsolete. Thanks to the many innovation in our way of life, materials such as ivory, leather, and even bones were then used to produce a wedding ring. If the material is more expensive, it is generally noted to show more love to the receiver. Hence in early times, the ring’s value directly demonstrated the giver’s wealth and status.

When Christianity incorporated the use of wedding rings in marriage unions around the year 860, the rings that were used back then didn’t take on the appearance of the simple plain band (as we know it today). Instead, they were noted to be lavishly decorated. Common engravings include lyres, two linked hands, and doves. In the 13th century, the church discouraged the practice and deemed it rather ‘heathenish’. The appearance of rings were given a more spiritual look and much more simplified from then on.

Vein of love

Rings are generally worn on the left ring finger nowadays. But before the norm was established, rings were worn on different fingers through different stages in history, such as on both the right and left hands and even the thumb. It was only standardized when the Romans (or as it is widely believed) began the tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the left-hand ring finger. This is because the finger is believed to locate a vein which is directly connected to the heart. The vein is known as the ‘Vena Amoris’, which literally translates to the ‘Vein of Love.”

Regardless, science has proved that this isn’t actually true. There is no known existence of such a vein on the ring finger. Despite that, this myth remains popular among many romantics. It is still considered to be the primary reason why the fourth finger is associated with the wearing of rings.

Other reason

There is another practical theory behind why the ring is primarily placed on the fourth finger. Since most people on earth are right-handed, it is fitting to wear the ring on the left hand which they do not make use of as much as they do with their right hand. This makes the hand a perfect place for keeping the ring safe.

The fourth finger on your left hand is also considered to be the least-used finger other than pinkies. And because pinkies are notably too small, the ring finger is used instead considering its ample surface area.

Couples in Singapore, together with the rest of the world, undoubtedly know the significance of having a ring. The tradition of couples possessing a pair has been traced back to a thousand of years in history. This proves that rings are generally considered to be one of the most cherished symbols of love. The rings remained consistent one generation after the other, as it bears testament to the relationship and union between two people.

Kahuna Ho Tram Strip—the Next Vacation and Investment Hot Spot

With its picturesque beauty, accessible location and five-star leisure facilities, Kahuna Ho Tram has quickly become one of Vietnam’s premier vacation spot for families and group of friends. Thanks to the Long Thành – Dầu Giây express way, people residing at Ho Chi Minh City can easily escape the hustling and bustling city life to the peaceful and relaxing ambiance of Hồ Tràm in less than two hours.

You and your family, as well as with your friends, can enjoy the unspoilt beaches and world-class hotel facilities of this holiday destination. Corporations and organizations can also benefit from Kahuna Ho Tram Resort by hosting their team building and product launchings or bring their clients here for fun and entertainment. Even you, yourself, can benefit from the resort by owning—and profiting from—one of superior Vung Tau condo units.

Indeed, Kahuna Ho Tram Strip offers more than just the typical R&R; Dự án Hồ Tràm also gives you a chance to put your savings to good use through property investment with their condos and beach villa for sale.

Premium Holiday Experience

Named after Hawaii’s legendary waves, Kahuna Ho Tram is designed to bring the true essence of a beachside holiday getaway. Located in Vũng Tàu province in Vietnam, the resort offers its vacationers a compelling experience for a posh coastal destination in the midst of the serene milieu of the province. Describing Kahuna Ho Tram in Vietnam as a luxury destination, it was designed after the elements and qualities of world’s famous cruise liners.

Kahuna Ho Tram Strip features a 164-hectare area with a 2.2km-stretch of pristine white-sand beach front that’s back-dropped with lush greenery. Kahuna, the fifth phase of the Ho Tram development, adjoins the existing five-star Grand Hotel—the largest integrated resort in Vietnam—and the five-star Beach Club. To the west part of Kahuna is where you’ll find the famous Bluffs Golf Course and the luxurious Gallery Villas overlooking the breath-taking seascape of Vũng Tàu, Vietnam.

A Smart Investment

Kahuna Ho Tram Resort is a holiday venue seated adjacent to The Grand and features over 160 condominium units, eight penthouses and 44 beach villas, with sizes ranging from 218 to 223 square meters.

The pricing of this Dự án Hồ Tràm in Vietnam starts at $88,800 (VND 2,018,202,000) for a condo unit and $350,00 (VND 7,954,625,000) for a beach villa beside golf course. While this may sound like a lot of money to invest in condo or a beach villa for sale, you can guarantee that this holiday resort investment will have a return of eight percent annually for two years of your net lease cost. After these, you can enjoy a highly favourable 60/40 share of rental revenue for the remaining eight years of the contract.

In addition to the monetary profit, if you choose to invest in condo, you can benefit from the many leisure facilities of the resort has to offer. From its grand casino, award-winning golf-course and world-renowned beaches to its game centers, fitness center and grand cinema, you’re sure to enjoy great benefits exclusive only for Kahuna Ho Tram Resort’s property investors.

What’s Next in Ho Tram Project

Expect a whole lot more in Ho Tram’s future developments. In its early planning phases is a private international airport, which also aims to further augment tourism economy of Vietnam. Other areas of the 164-hectare area is planned to have amenities such as a second resort, amphitheatres and other leisure and shopping amenities.

With all the leisurely, relaxation and investment amenities and opportunities, there’s no doubt that Ho Tram Strip is the largest foreign investor that have ever invested in Vietnam, with over US$1 billion in capital and more expected profit to come. If you want to take advantage of this profiting opportunity—not to mention the benefits of luxe vacation experience—now is the right time to invest in Kahuna Ho Tram Resort.

How Can You Save Money Over VOIP Phone Calls?

VoIP technology has become a big money saver for a lot of business in so many ways. Nowadays, big or small enterprises are now able to significantly reduce the costs of their total phone lines. This is because VoIP makes use of the local area network along with the internet in connecting the system to the phones in use. Since the system is quite ubiquitous in nature, businesses can opt to place and move the phones anywhere, even used at residences or at their remote offices all over Singapore.

The flexibility attached to the system gives various options to businesses in order for them to save money. They can customize the system to fit their specific business operations, especially when users are not required to pay extra charges based on long-distance calls and time consumption. Business owners also aren’t obliged to maintain infrastructure dedicated solely for data and phone lines.

With that in mind, a lot of companies are saying goodbye to the traditional and embracing the new state-of-the-art technology onto their business operations. Only a few have remained who still make use of the traditional phone models, since what’s now in demand is the pbx phone system among leading businesses all over the city-state. This makes their operations manageable, particularly to those who have outsourced their personnel abroad.

There are a lot of factors as to how VoIP phone calls can help businesses cut down on their operating costs. With hundreds to thousands of dollars saved, this enables the company to allocate the amount to other urgent ventures.

Reduced maintenance costs

Since VoIP Singapore works differently compared to your traditional telephone systems, you will be surprised to know how you can reduce your maintenance cost when you make the switch. For instance, having an IP PBX telephone system makes you have each voip phone unit as an extension off the general phone system. With that, you can move it anywhere you wish given that it is still connected to the internet.

Even when you are working at home, you can still bring along the phone with you as an extension with all the same features and VoIP phone number saved. You also wouldn’t be required to have service calls in order to move the phones around within the office.

Advanced features

With the competitive businessworld in Singapore, enterprises need to be ahead of the game by being agile and flexible. They need to keep up with what the customers need regularly. With that, they need to implement advanced features like unified communication or video conferencing in order to operate more efficiently. These features are no longer mere luxuries. Over time, they have turned into necessities for businesses of all types.

VoIP Singapore technology has enabled almost every business to incorporate competitive features into their systems. In turn, this has helped in achieving maximum work productivity and efficiency. A hosted pabx or hosted VoIP system enables every user to participate in a conference call even on their mobile phones, which can either be made or received regardless of where the caller is.

Call centers and tech support

Departments such as customer service, sales, and tech support rely extensively on phone calls which makes it imperative for their communication system to be reliable at all times. They also make use of specific VoIP technology features such as call parking, agent queues, and etc. Traditional phone service providers also offer these kind of enhances features, but they were generally more expensive. However, adding these features to your system is now made cost-effective because of cloud VoIP.

VoIP also makes the process much simpler to manage. For one, these add-on features can be individually managed via online dashboards. Call centers benefit most from making the switch to VoIP technology. There are entire communication suites made available for purchase which combines necessary features for customer support, which can be fitting for a pbx phone system.

Low long-distance rates

Even if you are making calls to business partners or customers outside of Singapore, you wouldn’t have to worry too much over your telephone bill. In fact, a VoIP phone system reduces the rates for making long-distance calls in contrast with your traditional phone lines. A good communication system is integral in every enterprise, big or small, and phone charges can easily end up into thousands of dollars every month when running on your traditional telephone.

A hosted pabx or a cloud VoIP system allows businesses to purchase in advance the bulk minutes for calls on generally low prices, while calls in some countries such as Canada may be for free. In addition, when employees make calls to one another, it is often free of charge on a VoIP Singapore system.

No additional phone lines to install

With VoIP technology, your business might never need to install new phone lines which can then significantly reduce operating costs. There are a number of cloud VoIP services which provide equipment to directly hook into your current broadband network. The rates of these services are generally competitive with your traditional business phone plans, thus effectively cutting off costs.

The installation of this system also is notably easy. Installing an IP PBX telephone system may sound intimidating because of the complex tech jargon, but don’t let that fool you. The process actually doesn’t require a tech specialist or someone who has background in VoIP technology. For further information, consult your service provider and find out for yourself.

Switching to VoIP has allowed businesses to save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually. Nowadays when broadband became relatively easy to get as well as cheap, VoIP has an increased appeal to businesses who want to cut down on their costs and use their resources more effectively.

3 Major Rules for Managing Your Contractors

Perhaps, among the most difficult tasks of property management is making sure that you’re business making profit and constantly growing over time. Especially to those owners who do not have enough knowledge about constructions, supervising the process of expansion can be extremely challenging due to great demands of work. However, knowing the basics of managing contractors can be a good start to successfully growing your Singapore business rental.

1. Cover your Grounds with Contracts

It is a very beneficial practice to secure a contract with every contractor you work with, regardless of the cost of the project. The contract should contain a detailed information about the scope of work and, if possible, the materials to be used in the project.

The schedule and payment method should also be included and must be in the form that clearly defines the milestones of the best property management in Singapore contractor before they get paid. For example, an initial deposit of 20% when the contract is signed, 30% after half of the project is completed, another 30% after completion of the work, and the remaining 20% two weeks after the project is done. Other items that should be stated in the contract are the insurance policy, policy for termination of agreement, and lien waiver.

2. Create a Timeline Before the Project Starts

Whether it’s you or your contractor who will create the timeline for the property management project, it’s important to have something that will serve as a guide while the project is going on.

With a timeline, it keeps the contractor accountable to complete the job on the said date. It also ensures that you don’t pay ahead of the completed work. If there’s no timeline to follow, how will you know that the project is 50% completed and the equivalent amount should be paid right at that moment? A timeline allows everybody, including your managing agent, if you work with one, to keep track of the development and finish the project on the expected time.

3. Visit the Site by Surprise

Whether it’s a simple repainting job or a site expansion, visiting your property by surprise while your people are at work is the best way to check on the workers’ performance. Though this doesn’t matter to good workers, if you have a bad one, you’re now giving them a reason to work hard and not slack off from work.

In addition, you should be mindful with those property managers who overbook their schedules and try to manage more than the appropriate number of projects just to make more money. Though many can effectively handle this, some can cause delays and slow down the operations. So, make sure your employees are working in full swing even when you’re not around by randomly dropping by to the site.

If after everything it seems like your contractors, or even your managing agent, do not commit their 100 percent to your project, you always have the option to replace them. Lousy workers are not worth the frustration, knowing that there are plenty of excellent workers out there.

6 Reasons to Hire a Tennis Coach

Excellent tennis players make more than just killer serves. Winning the sport involves multitude of techniques that you can only learn from professional tennis coaching in Singapore.

Here are six reasons why you must learn tennis only from a professional tennis coach.

  1. Mentoring

One of the most important roles of a tennis coach is to mentor. Your coach will teach you what needs to be done to win the game, get you mentally and physically ready and keep you motivated to train harder.

  1. Spotting Mistakes You Can’t See

Coaches can recognize flaws in the game that you would not normally notice. Have you experienced being asked by a friend why you did something that you did not even notice you were doing? A tennis coaching from a professional is valuable because these pros have years of training and experience that they can easily spot the smallest technical flaw that might hamper your progress.

  1. Accelerating Improvement

Coaches can quickly find your flaws and help you fix them right away. Most beginners and amateur tennis players turn to watching professional players and mimic their moves without advice on proper execution, which can be dangerous as it may lead to injury. A pro tennis coach will pay attention to your weaknesses and give specific instructions like “bend your knee more,” “turn your shoulder more,” or “you’re following through incorrectly.” Yes, their assistance can cost you more money, but wouldn’t it be worthy to save you from the aggravation?

  1. Formulating Effective Strategy

Planning for a strategy before a match makes a huge difference in the outcome of your play. And who else can be your perfect partner for this than your tennis coach? Take advantage of the extensive experience of your coach by working together during your tennis lessons in Singapore to come up with an effective game plan. Even those players with ugly strokes can defeat the more technical opponent with the right strategy. Through professional tennis coaching, you will learn to implement point patterns and know when to use them.

  1. Motivation

Professional tennis lessons provide inspiration to elevate your game. Players sometimes experience those low-self-esteem moments, especially after losing a game. Rigid tennis lessons during these times can be the kick in the rear you need to start hustling again. A great coach knows very well how to support and motivate you, making a huge impact on your mental state and approach to your next game.

  1. Keeping Your Goals Realistic

Great coaches are honest and will give you the most truthful assessment of your performance. You may have won five games in a row and think that you are the next Maria Sharapova or Andy Murray, but your coach will be honest to you and point out the things that your favourite player did right that you are doing wrong. Your coach will help you set reachable goals and continue to push you to your limits.

Sure, it costs a lot, but education is always priceless. By hiring a tennis coach in Singapore, you will have a trainer, mentor, motivator, strategist and technical expert in one. The training and support you’ll get from working with a pro coach will surely be worth it.

CANAB CRM Software—Your Ultimate Business Solution

A business’ meticulous eye to attention to all things related to its customers is its best advantage. Customer relationship management (CRM) software can provide your business the necessary tools to be constantly on top of your game.

Detailed Overview of Customer Information

One of the important aspects of business operations is the customer relationship management system. Building strong relationships with prospective and current clients plays a significant role in the success of any business. By integrating a CRM software into your operational structure, you’re fostering connections with customers and partners, which will give you a leg up on the tight competition in today’s highly competitive industry.

Better Sales Visualization

Business managers and owners in Singapore rely on detailed sales pipeline. Without clear vision into this funnel, it would be almost impossible to accurately forecast business output and sales representative will be left unarmed with the right information when trying to close deals. Having a Sales CRM will equip your business with the tools required to come up with precise forecasts. A customer relationship management system can also provide real-time reports and useful features to ensure powerful sales pipeline.

Multi-Departmental Collaboration

Did you know that having an interconnected pipeline in your CRM can make it possible for team members of different departments to use a centralized network, allowing everyone to work in the same database? When data is updated in real time and is accessible to anyone, anytime, everybody works in sync and collaborative works naturally takes place. An establishment whose departments work in unity is a business that is ready to grow and push forward together—and that can be attained with the integration of CRM software in Singapore.

Remote Operations

Gone are the days when sales reps in Singapore are just glued onto their desks and constantly sending emails through their PC. Now, sales representatives are on the field, busy connecting and building relationships with prospect and current clients. To get connected with employees who are constantly out and about, you need CRM software that’s flexible, responsive and allows your sales reps to work anywhere they may be. Imagine being able to access business database while having a coffee meeting with a prospect client? What could be more efficient than that?

Thinking of upgrading your business operations and overall productivity? A powerful customer relationship management system could be just what you need.


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