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2011 marks the 18th Anniversary of the Canadian Aboriginal Festival. The Festival offers something for everyone from shopping, food, spectacular dancing, lacrosse, contemporary music,and many other items.

The organizers of the Canadian Aboriginal Festival would like to make it very clear that everyone is welcome, all races and creeds. By being a part of our Canadian showcases for Aboriginal people, you would in affect be honoring us with your presence.

For any questions on this event, please feel free to contact us at (519) 751-0040 or e-mail us at

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3 Major Rules for Managing Your Contractors

Perhaps, among the most difficult tasks of property management is making sure that you’re business making profit and constantly growing over time. Especially to those owners who do not have enough knowledge about constructions, supervising the process of expansion can be extremely challenging due to great demands of work. However, knowing the basics of managing contractors can be a good start to successfully growing your Singapore business rental.

1. Cover your Grounds with Contracts

It is a very beneficial practice to secure a contract with every contractor you work with, regardless of the cost of the project. The contract should contain a detailed information about the scope of work and, if possible, the materials to be used in the project.

The schedule and payment method should also be included and must be in the form that clearly defines the milestones of the best property management in Singapore contractor before they get paid. For example, an initial deposit of 20% when the contract is signed, 30% after half of the project is completed, another 30% after completion of the work, and the remaining 20% two weeks after the project is done. Other items that should be stated in the contract are the insurance policy, policy for termination of agreement, and lien waiver.

2. Create a Timeline Before the Project Starts

Whether it’s you or your contractor who will create the timeline for the property management project, it’s important to have something that will serve as a guide while the project is going on.

With a timeline, it keeps the contractor accountable to complete the job on the said date. It also ensures that you don’t pay ahead of the completed work. If there’s no timeline to follow, how will you know that the project is 50% completed and the equivalent amount should be paid right at that moment? A timeline allows everybody, including your managing agent, if you work with one, to keep track of the development and finish the project on the expected time.

3. Visit the Site by Surprise

Whether it’s a simple repainting job or a site expansion, visiting your property by surprise while your people are at work is the best way to check on the workers’ performance. Though this doesn’t matter to good workers, if you have a bad one, you’re now giving them a reason to work hard and not slack off from work.

In addition, you should be mindful with those property managers who overbook their schedules and try to manage more than the appropriate number of projects just to make more money. Though many can effectively handle this, some can cause delays and slow down the operations. So, make sure your employees are working in full swing even when you’re not around by randomly dropping by to the site.

If after everything it seems like your contractors, or even your managing agent, do not commit their 100 percent to your project, you always have the option to replace them. Lousy workers are not worth the frustration, knowing that there are plenty of excellent workers out there.

6 Reasons to Hire a Tennis Coach

Excellent tennis players make more than just killer serves. Winning the sport involves multitude of techniques that you can only learn from professional tennis coaching in Singapore.

Here are six reasons why you must learn tennis only from a professional tennis coach.

  1. Mentoring

One of the most important roles of a tennis coach is to mentor. Your coach will teach you what needs to be done to win the game, get you mentally and physically ready and keep you motivated to train harder.

  1. Spotting Mistakes You Can’t See

Coaches can recognize flaws in the game that you would not normally notice. Have you experienced being asked by a friend why you did something that you did not even notice you were doing? A tennis coaching from a professional is valuable because these pros have years of training and experience that they can easily spot the smallest technical flaw that might hamper your progress.

  1. Accelerating Improvement

Coaches can quickly find your flaws and help you fix them right away. Most beginners and amateur tennis players turn to watching professional players and mimic their moves without advice on proper execution, which can be dangerous as it may lead to injury. A pro tennis coach will pay attention to your weaknesses and give specific instructions like “bend your knee more,” “turn your shoulder more,” or “you’re following through incorrectly.” Yes, their assistance can cost you more money, but wouldn’t it be worthy to save you from the aggravation?

  1. Formulating Effective Strategy

Planning for a strategy before a match makes a huge difference in the outcome of your play. And who else can be your perfect partner for this than your tennis coach? Take advantage of the extensive experience of your coach by working together during your tennis lessons in Singapore to come up with an effective game plan. Even those players with ugly strokes can defeat the more technical opponent with the right strategy. Through professional tennis coaching, you will learn to implement point patterns and know when to use them.

  1. Motivation

Professional tennis lessons provide inspiration to elevate your game. Players sometimes experience those low-self-esteem moments, especially after losing a game. Rigid tennis lessons during these times can be the kick in the rear you need to start hustling again. A great coach knows very well how to support and motivate you, making a huge impact on your mental state and approach to your next game.

  1. Keeping Your Goals Realistic

Great coaches are honest and will give you the most truthful assessment of your performance. You may have won five games in a row and think that you are the next Maria Sharapova or Andy Murray, but your coach will be honest to you and point out the things that your favourite player did right that you are doing wrong. Your coach will help you set reachable goals and continue to push you to your limits.

Sure, it costs a lot, but education is always priceless. By hiring a tennis coach in Singapore, you will have a trainer, mentor, motivator, strategist and technical expert in one. The training and support you’ll get from working with a pro coach will surely be worth it.

CANAB CRM Software—Your Ultimate Business Solution

A business’ meticulous eye to attention to all things related to its customers is its best advantage. Customer relationship management (CRM) software can provide your business the necessary tools to be constantly on top of your game.

Detailed Overview of Customer Information

One of the important aspects of business operations is the customer relationship management system. Building strong relationships with prospective and current clients plays a significant role in the success of any business. By integrating a CRM software into your operational structure, you’re fostering connections with customers and partners, which will give you a leg up on the tight competition in today’s highly competitive industry.

Better Sales Visualization

Business managers and owners in Singapore rely on detailed sales pipeline. Without clear vision into this funnel, it would be almost impossible to accurately forecast business output and sales representative will be left unarmed with the right information when trying to close deals. Having a Sales CRM will equip your business with the tools required to come up with precise forecasts. A customer relationship management system can also provide real-time reports and useful features to ensure powerful sales pipeline.

Multi-Departmental Collaboration

Did you know that having an interconnected pipeline in your CRM can make it possible for team members of different departments to use a centralized network, allowing everyone to work in the same database? When data is updated in real time and is accessible to anyone, anytime, everybody works in sync and collaborative works naturally takes place. An establishment whose departments work in unity is a business that is ready to grow and push forward together—and that can be attained with the integration of CRM software in Singapore.

Remote Operations

Gone are the days when sales reps in Singapore are just glued onto their desks and constantly sending emails through their PC. Now, sales representatives are on the field, busy connecting and building relationships with prospect and current clients. To get connected with employees who are constantly out and about, you need CRM software that’s flexible, responsive and allows your sales reps to work anywhere they may be. Imagine being able to access business database while having a coffee meeting with a prospect client? What could be more efficient than that?

Thinking of upgrading your business operations and overall productivity? A powerful customer relationship management system could be just what you need.

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